• Alternative data
    to generate alpha and make decisions

    Data for investment funds and operating companies

Interactive Web Interface

We offer an interactive web interface to allow you to explore data, find ideas, benchmark companies, and more.

Data Feeds

Incorporate new data sources into your processes and systems via our flexible API.

Professional Services

We offer a wide range of professional services, including data analysis, data integration, custom data collection, and more.

About Alphamatician

Since 2012 Alphamatician has been delivering alternate data to help investors and decision makers. Alphamatician covers more than 18,000 publicly traded companies and thousands more private companies with numerous data series.

Our data cover customers, demand, pricing, company internals, and macroeconomic factors. All of our data comes clean, compliant, and mapped to company identifiers.

We make it easy for professional investors to add new, alpha generating data sources into their investing processes. We also make it easy for operating companies, consulting firms, and other customers to add new data sources into their workflows.

Extensive Global Coverage

We cover more than 18,000 publicly traded companies and their subsidiaries, and thousands more private companies across the globe. Our deep coverage includes industries, companies, and individual brands. We also cover macroeconomic data.

Numerous, Diverse Datasets

We offer numerous datasets that give you insights into customer engagement and demand, pricing, company outlook, macro economic factors, and more.

Long Data History

We offer numerous data series with more than three years of history.

Data Mapped to Companies

All of our data is provided mapped to individual company identifiers and tickers. We also offer custom entity mapping.

Multiple Interface Options

Work with us in the way that best fits your own work flow. We offer interactive web tools, a flexible API and custom options.

Custom Data Collection

We collect, manage, and perform entity mappings for datasets that you specify. We also work interactively with clients to discover and explore new datasets.

Sample Data

sample data
Most Active Companies on Facebook

Most Active Public Companies on Facebook

sample data
Most Active Companies on Instagram

Most Active Public Companies on Instagram

sample data
Most Complained About Public Companies

Most Complained About Public Companies


We work with hedge funds, mutual funds, consulting firms, and many others

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We can meet all of your Internet data needs